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What people are saying about us...

"This Is The Best Matcha Ever"...

I love starting my day with Nani Organic Matcha! Not only is it the best tasting matcha I've ever had (sooo silky!!!) but the health benefits are amazing too! To name a few - you'll experience more energy while feeling relaxed (no jitters like coffee!), your metabolism will increase, and it improves focus & concentration. Nani's Organic Matcha even has more antioxidants than the top 9 superfoods combined!

"This is goooooooood!"...

I turned down the chance to try Matcha Green Tea for the first time because I assumed it was the same crap influencers are peddling to "decrease bloat" and get that "beach body"?

After I was politely informed of the difference, and had some of my more "with it" coworkers and friends tell me I'm an ass and Matcha is magically splendiforous, I caved and tried it.

This is goooooooood! I've literally had at least one matcha latte everyday since I received it-and I'm not gonna stop. #obsessed?

"Helps me keep calm and energized"...

Nothing else helps me keep calm and energized during exams like Teanani! #naniorganicenergy #naniorganicmatcha #nanicalmenergymatcha

"Enjoyed starting my day with Nani Matcha"...

Enjoyed starting my day with Nani Matcha in the beautiful weather to give me all natural energy. #NaniOrganicMatcha #NaniOrganicEnergy

Scenic valley with tea plantation, Cameron highlands, Malaysia

Healthy Organic Teas Direct From The Source


All Nani™ Teas are come direct from small organic farms around the world. Many of these family’s have centuries of experience growing organic tea. These farms are in some of the most beautiful, fertile soil on earth. Ensuring that all Nani™ teas have the most life changing nutrients available anywhere.


We Do Things Different Than “Average” Tea Companies

Who wants to be average, right?

Not you or me. We can do better than that, right?

At Nani™ we want your tea to be bursting with the same amazing healing nutrients it had when it was on the tree.

Most "average" tea companies go from farm to importer. Importer to wholesaler. Wholesaler to distributor. Then... maybe if you're lucky ... to you.

Your Nani™ Teas go from Farm direct to you.

And  yes we even spend the money to refrigerate your tea throughout delivery. Not cheap but you’re worth it.


Certified Organic

Nani™ Teas are organic. This means no pesticides, herbicides or nasty chemicals ever.  When you enjoy a delicious cup of Nani™ Tea you can feel confident that it's certified organic.

Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association
Japanese Agricultural Standard
European Union Certified Organic
United States Department of Agriculture
Agriculture Biologique

Nani™ Tea JAS Organic Matcha adheres to the strict regulations of JAS  and JONA. The Japanese Agricultural Standard and the Japanese Organic and Natural Foods Association. Nani™ Teas are also certified by EU Agriculture, the governing body of the European Community.

What people are saying about us...

"This stuff is super yummy and has a smooth umami taste."...

Matcha Latte! This stuff is super yummy and has a smooth umami taste. It's very versatile and you can add the powder to almost anything. When you drink matcha you ingest the entire leaf and receive 100% of the nutrients of the leaf Matcha powdered green tea has 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea. One cup of matcha = 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea in terms of nutritional content.

"All I need is Matcha in the mawwwninnnn'"...

All I need is Matcha in the mawwwninnnn' Sip some tea while you watch my latest videos.

"It's absolutely amazing one of the best I've ever had"...

Guys!!! I made a matcha latte from Teanani!!! They are seriously bringing healthy organic teas to this world!! It's absolutely amazing one of the best I've ever had (and this girl knows her tea). Also, its healthy for you too!!

"Enjoyed starting my day with Nani Matcha"...

Staring my morning off with some Nani Matcha tea. Some benefits of Matcha tea.....increased metabolism, energy, improved focus and its loaded with nutrients, antioxidants and fiber! Thank you @teananiofficial I've been enjoying the tea! @naniteas. All opinions are my own!

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